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Hi, I'm Alexa Gumm.

Thank you for visiting my website. Working as a Doula is one of my life's greatest joys.   

I am the mother of four lovely daughters. I've been a birth doula since 2010, and have attended hundreds of births. I am a Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainer and a member of the company’s Headquarters Team and Advisory Board. I currently provide labor support for families in all metro Atlanta hospitals.

My four births were joyous occasions where I felt supported and loved, all experiences that I cherish. My hope is for all women to have that same kind of positive and transformative birth experience for themselves.

I have found that no matter how long a birth is or how the story eventually unfolds, if a woman has felt heard, supported, and cared for, ultimately, she will remember her birth more positively, creating a better transition to motherhood. If I can help create that, then everything we did together was worth it.


"Most of all, I want my clients to feel that doula care has made a difference in their birth day."

- Alexa Gumm

I can honestly say I find it exciting to receive the “We think we need you!” call in the middle of the night! Not only do I thrive on this part of the doula lifestyle, I also enjoy talking and listening to women. I am always available to answer the questions and concerns of my doula clients, because I’ve been that expecting mom too and I know how important it is to have your mind put at ease. I want every one of my clients to know there is a special place in my heart just for them. It is fantastic when clients become dear friends and it actually happens quite often!

If you need information regarding doula care, please call me at 214-507-8047, or submit your inquiry below.  




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