My Story


For over 21 years I have been married to Joe Gumm. We met at church in 1992 and married in 1997 while I was a student at Texas Christian University studying Interior Design. I graduated with a B.S. in Interior Design in 1999 and worked as a solo designer for many years before and after becoming a mother. After the birth of our fourth daughter in 2008, I decided to train as a birth doula. My own home births were great and I wanted to help make a positive impact in the way other people remembered the births of their children.

After years of Joe working for ESPN Radio and FOX Sports as a broadcaster in Dallas-Ft. Worth, we decided to move away from our home state of Texas for an opportunity as a morning news anchor in Oklahoma City. It was a beautiful state full of wonderfully kind people, but soon we found ourselves headed to gorgeous Tampa for a position at CBS for Joe. During that time, I worked at two different birth centers and taught Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes. Since Birth Boot Camp’s inception in 2012, I have sat on the Advisory Board and Management Team creating awareness for the program as I move from state to state.

Opportunity came calling once again in 2015 and we moved to the great state of Georgia. I sincerely hope we never move again, because I can’t imagine being happier living anywhere else! My husband and I are both thrilled to be living in such a gorgeous area and our girls love it here. I was invited to join The Happiest Doulas team as a doula and instructor. Since then, I have quickly familiarized myself with the metro Atlanta hospitals and various care providers - we have many fantastic options here! I’m a people person, so one of my favorite things to do is host client interviews over the phone, learning specific labor and birth goals, and finding out how I can assist in the journey.

 Photo credit: Christina Hodgen of  BirthYearBook

Photo credit: Christina Hodgen of BirthYearBook