Alexa Gumm

Roswell, Georgia

Alexa Gumm


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My four home births were joyous occasions where I felt supported and loved, all experiences that I cherish. My hope is for all women to have that same kind of positive and transformative birth experience for themselves.

I want my clients to feel that doula care has made a difference in their birthing day. I have found that no matter how long a birth is or how the story eventually unfolds, if a woman has felt heard, supported, and cared for, ultimately, she will remember her birth more positively developing a happy postpartum time. If I can help create that, then everything we did together was worth it.

More About Me...

 Photo courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Photo courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

 Photo credit:  DFW Birth Photographer

Photo credit: DFW Birth Photographer

 Photo credit: Joe Gumm

Photo credit: Joe Gumm

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Random Tidbits

  • Our family attends Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta

  • We call our girls, “The Gummettes” much to their chagrin :)

  • We enjoy hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve Southern-style cooking

  • I’m a book nerd and love to travel

  • I consider myself “chewy” not “crunchy" 

  • I like unnatural hair color and neon lipstick. Also, heels. And things that sparkle. 

  • While my husband is the fittest person I know, the most athletic adventure I've undertaken is the natural births of our daughters. He’s buff, I’m cream puff.

 Photo credit:  Brandy Craig Photography

I am an only child, born and raised in Texas. I've been married to Joe for 20 years and we have 4 girls all which have been born at home. We've built a life together in several southern states, meeting wonderful people along the way and hope to stay put in Roswell, Georgia. We love it here and want our daughters to lay down roots. 



Since Birth Boot Camp’s inception in 2012, I have sat on the Advisory Board and Headquarters Team. I've adopted the title of Recruiter since I work to inform doulas, educators and healthcare providers about this comprehensive program.



Since 2009, I've worked full-time as a birth doula and hold a special place in my heart for all clients. Since becoming a member of The Happiest Doulas in 2015, I work throughout the metro Atlanta area and teach prenatal birth classes in Roswell and Dunwoody.


Lead Doula Trainer

Through Birth Boot Camp DOULAS, I train birth doulas who are making a positive impact on their community. Guiding aspiring doulas to competently serve couples during childbirth is satisfying work. Want to know more about becoming a birth doula? Read about our doula trainings and requirements.